Lean into Courage

What does courage mean to you?

Merriam-Webster describes courage as “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” Brene Brown says, “True courage comes when we decide to take a risk without knowing the outcome. It means showing up and letting yourself be seen, despite the risk. When you show up in this way, you open yourself up to joy and connection, but you can only do it by accepting that there could be pain.”

Courage is the October theme at SeeShell Consulting, and we want to encourage you to be courageous by showing up, being seen, and to seek what you want, despite the risk. What’s holding you back? What joy, connections, and accomplishments are you sacrificing by staying in your comfort zone?

These monthly themes are what I use to hold myself accountable and continue my growth journey. They are cues to be mindful in my choices, intentional in my actions, and to hold myself capable of the life I want to live. Often that means doing things that are uncomfortable, whether they are tasks or conversations. It often means leaning into fear and uncertainty, knowing I could be opening myself to pain. Do you want to know something? Every time I’ve showed up with courage and stepped outside of my comfort zone, the results have been positive. What is your experience?

Think back to when you’ve taken a risk and the outcome aligned with your goal(s). How did you feel? Strong? Empowered? Capable of anything? Did you wonder, like I sometimes have, “why did I wait so long to do that?” Are you currently camped out in your comfort zone but want more happiness, a more balanced life, a better job, or ??? To get on the courage train and follow your dreams, what small thing can you do today to help move you towards your goal? It’s never too late to pursue our dreams. Full stop. We’re capable of much more than we often give ourselves credit for.

Professionally, the last three years have been all about being courageous. Becoming a first-time entrepreneur starting two new businesses, conducting workshops at conferences and to university cohorts that included new content I hadn’t presented before, being courageous in my approach to learning and doing. Add in some heavy personal and relationship growth to keep things super interesting. Ha! Have I slipped up here and there? For sure. Did I let it stop me from continuing? Absolutely not. I gave myself grace for being human, to find the lesson, and navigate this new territory the best way I knew how. And I’ve learned. A lot. My most important lessons? Continue being courageous in creating a personal and professional life I’m proud of and follow my passions. Ultimately, when we lean into courage it may not be easy and we may falter but in the end, we will succeed.


Shelley (Shell) Langille, CEC, ACC, is an executive and career coach who specializes in, among other areas, helping people “let go after being let go” to find closure and new opportunities after job loss.

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