November has me reflecting on CHOICE, SeeShell Consulting’s theme of the month.

Let me tell you, that’s a big and important topic in my world.

We’ve all made good choices and poor ones, haven’t we? It may be why if you could go back in time and change something in your life, what would it be? is such a popular question. Everyone has their own answer to that, with many answering as I do – I wouldn’t change a thing. Personally, I appreciate the smart and not so smart choices I’ve made as they were all part of the learning journey that’s been my path. Each choice brought me to where I am and who I be. And, at this point of my life, I appreciate the road I’ve taken and the person I’ve grown into. Not to mention the fun experiences that often go hand in hand with poor decisions. 😉

When I think about choice, I’m curious about the ones we make and don’t make. The choices we don’t make can be even more impactful than the ones we do. Choosing not to make a choice leads us to stay in our comfort zone and that rarely serves us well. Not if we want to grow and evolve.

When I reflect back on the choices I made when I lost my job(s), I recognize the difference between when I first experienced job loss (hurt, confusion, anger and feeling stuck in those negative emotions for months) verses the second and third times (when I made the choice to recognize the situation wasn’t about me, the change was beyond my control, and to lean into a growth mindset that opened the door of possibility for a better job or career waiting in the wings), I appreciate my growth in finding a way forward that was healthier for my personal and professional wellbeing. When I made the choice to embrace the change as a path to something better, opportunities came that far exceeded what I left behind.

Mindful choice has shown up as an important element at this point in my life. My goal is to make the choice to approach each day with optimism, to find my happy, and make choices that serve my mind, body, and soul self well. Do I always succeed? Heck no! Do I give up? Absolutely not! I give myself grace for being human and try again. Each day, hour, or minute is a chance to start over and make choices that serve us best.

When you’re feeling stuck, what do you do? Do you take action (make a choice) or keep doing what you’re doing (making a choice by not making a choice)? Like the saying, no answer is an answer, no choice is a choice. Are you making intentional choices that move you forward or making passive ones that hold you back?

I’m here to help ask you those questions and get you unstuck – contact me and let’s chat.

Shelley (Shell) Langille, CEC, ACC, is an executive and career coach who specializes in, among other areas, helping people “let go after being let go” to find closure and new opportunities after job loss.

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