I'm Shelley Langille.

I am the founder and president of SeeShell Consulting (SSC), and the International Coach Coalition (ICC). SSC provides career and executive coaching and consulting services, while the ICC is an online platform that connect clients to their ideal coach.

I empower my clients to live their personal and professional lives courageously, rise to their potential, and feel seen, heard, and understood through a genuine interest in their stories and objectives. Through the coaching partnership, I inspire my clients to make the impossible, possible.

I am a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) through Royal Roads University (RRU) with an educational background in business administration, I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the ICF, with more than twenty years experience in career coaching, leadership, and business development.

Since launching SeeShell Consulting in June 2021, I’ve continued my work with the uniform sectors, contracting with Canadian Police Knowledge Network, Royal Roads University, Canadian Coast Guard Western Region, as well as coaching other clients.

At my core, I am passionate about helping people realize their potential, empowering organizations and teams to create supportive learning and employment cultures and building collaborative relationships. My mission is to inspire leaders and institutions to create respectful professional connections and corporate practices that allow employees and organizations to thrive, grow, and move forward with purpose, clarity, and confidence.

I base every relationship on a foundation of trust and safety, curiosity and understanding, along with clarity and self-awareness for both my clients and myself.

Shelley Langille, CEC, ACC, ICC

My coaching focus is in three areas: working with military, fire, police, and individual leaders in their career advancement and transition goals; helping people let go after being let go and find closure and new opportunities after losing their job; and coaching organizations on how to treat their employees as well on the way out as they do on the way in.

My approach to coaching is to inspire people and institutions to achieve their highest professional and personal potential.