Create your environment from your best innate tenacity. Always embrace the abundance of an inspirational mentality. Eliminate distractions, clutter, and work from a place of brightness. Create a winning, uplifting, vibrant, courageous action to implement!
― Joseph S. Spence Sr.

Speaking Engagements and Presentations

I’m an experienced and engaging presenter with the training, knowledge, and history to tackle virtually any subject.

My most recent presentations include: “How To Let Go After Being Let Go”, “Deciding When It’s Time To Move On”, “Successfully Transition From One Industry To Another”, and “Treating Your People As Well On The Way Out As You Do On The Way In”.

Future presentations will include subjects such as Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Coaching, and Personal and Organizational Leadership.

Speaking Engagement and Presentation Portfolio

GloEd, “How to Know When to Move On”

Island Women in Science and Technology, “How to Let Go After Being Let Go” 

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