You’re Stronger than Your Storms

Winter continues to show its power on the East and West Coasts of Canada as more atmospheric rivers dump massive amounts of rain, resulting in more washed-out highways and flooded communities. It looks like the end of 2021 may be more challenging than we thought. Or what we had optimistically hoped.

Which leads me to think more about our ability to survive our figurative and literal storms that I posted about recently.

Our most recent literal storm was the deluge of rain and wind that hammered Southern Vancouver Island last week. I’m grateful all I had to deal with was an 8-hour power outage and a slight roof leak. Some family and friends were not so fortunate and had to cope with flooded basements or massive damage. For us, it meant using a lot of candles, cooking meals on the barbeque, and calling on a roofing friend to help with the leak issue. For one friend and their family, it meant the destruction of irreplaceable creative work and heart-built businesses. They faced saving what could be saved, saying goodbye to what couldn’t, and preparing for the coming months-long rebuild of their professional music studio, another home-based business, and living space.

In each case of the storm’s effects, resiliency and community were and continue to be the key to surviving, repairing, and recovering. The outpouring of support for our family friends was received with gratitude, appreciation, and overwhelmed at the generosity of spirit from so many caring human beings. It’s been beautiful to see their music and community friends and network come together. This young couple has shown grace under pressure, positivity where there could easily have been despair, and a can-do attitude.

It occurs to me that all those same characteristics noted above that help us overcome weather storms are the same ones that can help us survive our figurative ones.

Recognizing things happen beyond our control, facing the aftereffects with positivity and gratitude for what survived, letting go of what didn’t, and trusting the storm will eventually pass, helps us focus on what we can control. That includes finding the lesson in the experience, feeling all the feels, and finding the way to move forward.

To appreciate it’s all part of the journey. Knowing we will survive.

Building strong community connections who have our back and are there to lean on, fortifies our own internal strength. Connecting with our circle, asking for or offering help when it’s needed, and coming together to help rebuild what was lost is a key part of our survival. Whether it’s repairing material things or healing our bodies and spirits. We are stronger than our storms and more than capable of overcoming whatever they blow our way. Just know you don’t need to do it alone – we are stronger together.

How do you deal with your storms? What can you do to help others get through theirs?


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