Covid Wins, Gratitude, and Thanks

This Friday, my fellow Torchbearers Executive Coaching Graduate Certificate classmates and I will officially graduate from our program. Not only did we complete the almost 9 months of online learning during Covid 19 restrictions, but it also turns out that our convocation will be virtual as well. Darn, we won’t get to finally see each other in real life after all.

Like everyone else on the planet, we shifted, adjusted, and did our best to be flexible and resilient during the pandemic, a societal experience none of us have known in our lifetime.

As I’ve heard so many say, there have been more than enough tragedy and challenges since Covid hit in 2020. However, we have also seen many gifts and positive reimagining of how things are done that came out of the pandemic. That’s a good thing. We saw the successes of the blended office-home working model as well as processes and procedures that replaced the “how we’ve always done it” ones of the past, with many logical ones here to stay. Many people took the time to dive into some deep personal work, learn new things, and/or reconsider what they do professionally and why. It feels like this has been a time of awakening.

Personally, I experienced what feels like a lifetime of experiences since early 2020.

The top ones include being dismissed without cause after my position was eliminated; launching a new company and becoming an entrepreneur for the first time; building a business that appears will support me well; dreaming up another business to launch and completing a graduate program that I never imagined I would do. The journey through 2020 and 2021 has been one of learning, growth, and stepping outside of my comfort zone in big and small ways. It has enhanced my professional and personal “mid-life awakening” that started a few years ago and appears to be an ongoing thing. 😊 Who knew a health crisis would provide such clarity and opportunity for my new path and purpose? Colour me grateful!

As we near convocation, to my smart and remarkable Torchbearer cohort members I say congratulations and thank you, my newest friends and colleagues! You inspired me, helped me hold myself capable, and made the experience of learning together fun and rich in too many ways to count.

I also have tremendous gratitude and extend thanks to my family, friends, colleagues, RRU’s Professional and Continuing Studies staff and faculty, and the supportive connections who volunteered to be coached through the program and those who stuck with me after. It would not have been an as successful or enjoyable journey without the part each of you played. Thank you!


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