What would it feel like if we reframed our perception of change as a new adventure?

Ah, change. It’s the only constant. Yet it’s the scariest thing for many.

What we may forget is we are, in fact, always changing!

Growing up – changing schools, classes, friends, learning, and growing into ourselves. It doesn’t stop as we get older.

It continues after adolescence as we move out of our childhood home, some changing schools again and continuing their education while others enter the job market, meeting new friends, getting jobs and changing careers.

Changing our relationship status, maybe changing it again. And again. Until we get it right. Adding pets, children, in-laws, and more new friends and family to the mix. Retiring.

With all of the change we experience through the evolution of our life, you’d think we’d be prepared for the additional changes, large and small, that pop up. Yet we’re often not.

What would it feel like if we reframed our perception of change as a new adventure?
An opportunity rather than an inconvenience?

For me, I’ve experienced a lot of change and will readily admit I didn’t always welcome it. Jobs ending (that first one almost broke me), having to move, having to adjust and pivot, again and again, often due to circumstances beyond my control. Starting a business for the first time at my, ahem, advanced age.

Sometimes change simply feels hard. Very hard at times. Having said that, once I embraced it, it invariably led to something better. An exciting new path and journey. Another new chapter or book that I get to write. The more comfortable and resilient I became with change the more control I felt I had. To write and experience my story, with intention.

Changes help shape us in big and small ways that make us who we are, who we’re meant to be, and builds character. How we embrace that can lead us to our dreams.

What is your relationship to change? How does that serve you?

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