We’re so much more than what the others think.

Don’t take criticism from people you would never go to for advice.

I’ve always liked this advice/quote. How often do we obsess over what others think of us?

How does it serve us to hand our power over to someone we don’t respect or even know? To have their opinion have us feeling unworthy? To let them ruin our day?

I get it, most of us want to be liked. To be accepted for who we are, personally, spiritually, professionally. It’s human nature.

We may have bosses, colleagues, or so-called leaders who leave us feeling smaller and less than. I’ve experienced my share.

About 15 years ago I attended a workshop that dove into how we take things personally. Especially women. If we react, we’re labelled overly sensitive. BS.

It was suggested sticking a QTIP to our monitor, phone, or anywhere else we may experience unwarranted criticism. The idea being the QTIP is a reminder to quit taking it personally. I had one on my monitor for years after that session. And guess what? It worked. It helped me reframe negative communication, evaluate whether it was warranted (sometimes it’s constructive), and toss out anything that wasn’t. It allowed me to take back my power and narrative.

In this world with far too many platforms to criticize, judge, and comment on another’s actions, looks, work, posts, etc, the empathy, compassion, and understanding of another’s story and situation often gets lost.

Those platforms provide anonymity that allows haters to hate more easily. And, wow, the impact on mind health can be devastating, as we all know.

Logically, we know it’s not about us. Whatever hurtful comments the small but vocal community of trolls spew says more about them than us.

How would it feel if we used a lens that DOES serve us and our mind health? To consider the source, and focus on our circle who knows us, our story, and appreciates us for our gifts?

We’re so much more than what the others think.

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