How do you maintain your confidence?

We all have those voices in our head, the positive and the negative. Too often we believe the thoughts that tell us we’re not good enough and we’ll fail, or dwell on the limiting ‘what ifs’, rather than the empowering thoughts that hold us capable.

I’ve been talking with my clients for some time about over-seeding our mind. Changing our mind’s algorithm, if you will. Like over-seeding our lawns works wonders to choke out weeds, over-seeding our mind with positive affirmations can rid ourselves of the negative thoughts about ourselves.

What if every time a negative thought or what if pops into our head we purposefully replace it with 2 or 3 positive affirmations? What if you intentionally do this every day for a month? Then it turns into a habit and, before you know it, you’ll feel like the strong, smart, capable, and talented person that you are.

The power of our mind is remarkable and we have the capability to dictate what voice we choose to listen to and believe in.

What are your thoughts telling you? Which ones do you choose to listen to and believe?
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