How to Move On

Once you realize you’re no longer in a position that meets your needs, what do you do to find a role that does? 

First, get courageous. Embrace your gifts and passion. Hold yourself capable and brave. When you look for a job are you in the “I need to meet 80% of the qualifications before I apply” camp or “This role looks interesting, and I know I could do it even if I have 50% or less of the qualifications listed” category? If you’re in the former, I’m here to encourage you to get brave and apply for roles that speak to you, even if you don’t check all the boxes. It sometimes takes stepping out of your comfort zone to find what you’re really looking for. Get brave, apply for roles that get you fired up and have a healthy relationship with rejection if you don’t get called. ? I ask you to not take yourself out of the running before the race has even started. Stay away from playing the self-limiting “what if” game and play the expansive and affirming one instead. What if I get that job I want? What if that job leads me closer to my path?!

Embrace your inner warrior. Study, learn, read articles that help you understand who you are at your core. Many adults have never really taken the time to know themselves and are content with their status quo. Who are you listening to? We often base who we are on what we were taught. We often are who we show up as based on modelled behaviours from our parents, bosses (yes, even the bad ones), and influences from advertising, and social media. We are who we believe based on what has been fed to us. This keeps us in a fixed mindset rather than one of growth. What if you listened to your intuition and your heart?

When was the last time you did a values assessment? Many I’m speaking with say they did one a long time ago. The world changes, we grow, and our values change. Perhaps it’s time for a refreshed look at yours. Once you get clear on your values, you’ll find a lot of unanswered or unasked questions become clearer.

Once you are clear about who you are, figuring out what you want becomes easier. What is your dream job? If you don’t know, write a list of what you’re passionate about, what you find interesting, including hobbies, which can be a great side business. Write a list of what you do and don’t want in a role/career/company. Do some research on roles and companies that fit with what you’re looking for. 

Education, experience, and transferrable skills. When you’re clearer about what you’re truly looking for, take stock of the skills and experience you have to fill that role. What are your transferrable skills? Are there gaps in knowledge or experience? Do you need a bit more education or a professional credential? There are many educational opportunities out there to fit every need. Don’t have quite enough experience? Consider volunteering to gain more. 

Network. How do you fully utilize your network? I have to say, this isn’t hard for me. I truly like people and I’ve always been interested in people’s stories. I’ve built a network that is diverse, includes connections from different industries and is built on relationships I’ve cultivated over the years. Some approach networking with an ask or thinking what can I get out of this? I advise approaching networking as making new friends and colleagues. Be genuinely interested in them, their stories and what their challenges are. Seek first to understand.

I’m passionate about helping people, be they friends or colleagues, and consistently take the approach of what can I do for you? Do you know what happens when you’re of service to others? When you need help, they want to be of service to you. When I was let go the last two times, that’s exactly what happened. My circle came out in full force, asking what they could do to help me. From those connections, I’ve received good jobs, contract opportunities, mentoring, advice, and support and encouragement.

Finally, when you decide to leave an organization, stay in touch with your former colleagues or clients. I still have connections that go back to my hotel and tech sector days. They are some of my greatest cheerleaders and support system.

There’s much more to say on the subject and each point. To learn more please contact me at

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